FPS gamer rescues women

It seems that Half - Life 2 and Counter - Strike: Source players have saved ladies. It is often said that games have bad influence on children, but perhaps sometimes you can take courageous action thanks to games.

Details are as follows.
Man Shot In Armed Robbery (from Echo)

Gamer Shot While Saving Woman - Video Games - Gamewad

24-year-old Adam Mapleson living in the UK seems to have broken in while seeing that a female security guard who was trying to put money into ATM at a subway station was struck by an armed robber. At that time, Adam was shot at the chest with a gun and carried to the hospital for emergency operation. He seems to be recovering smoothly although he is not yet able to talk.

The thief is said to have been caught properly.

MySpace 's Adam profile. For your favorite gameHalf-Life 2YaCounter-Strike: SourceThere are lots of names such as.

Www.myspace.com/choronzon 13(Volume attention)

It is unknown whether his brave action came from experience of HL or CS, but it was good that it did not become a game over.

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