Next time check "VersaPro UltraLite type VC" with benchmark

The photo report was delivered the other dayNEC's lightweight notebook PC "VersaPro UltraLite type VC" realized the function of self-repairing up to 14.5 hours driving and main body scratchesHowever, this time I tried measuring the benchmark with various benchmark software.

VersaPro UltraLite type VC that attracts attention as a mobile machine is found in places, but what is the essential performance?

Details are as follows.
The OS is equipped with Windows Vista Ultimate. The CPU is Intel Core 2 Duo U 7500 (1.06 GHz), memory is 1.5 GB.

The basic score of the Windows Experience Index is 2.0. Again the weak graphics seems to be the fate of the notebook.

Benchmark measurement software "CrystalMark 2004 R2The chipset was Intel 945 GM Express. The VGA chipset was Intel GMA X950.

Details of CPU.

I measured the benchmark. I took up earlier.Benchmark of "VAIO type T" with flash memoryIt may be fun to compare with.

continue"HDBENCH Ver 3.40 beta 6I measured it with. The total number is wrong.

Finally measure the performance of HDD, flash disk, USB flash drive "FDBENCHEven measured.

Considering it as a mobile machine that drives for up to 14.5 hours, this performance feels enough.

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