Incident occurred when the FPS game was played live, but the SWAT troops enter

Looking at the world in the game from the first person viewpoint, the game that will surely become a main character and fight a gun battleFPS(First Person Shooter) game, it is gaining high popularity mainly in Europe and the United States. It is like a game that you are immersed in the feeling that you are in the battlefield, but it is a special forces of the police in the room of the gamer playing the game whatSWATRushed in and players were arrested, and rare events occurred that the situation was streaming played.

"KOOTRA SWATTED FULL VIDEO" "Member of Creatures" "Littleton Swatt video" "The creatures swatted"

It is the professional gamer'sKootraMr. Jordan Matthewson. Online FPS game "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive"Twitch's channelI was suffering from the fact that real SWAT rushed into the room when I was streaming at.

Kootra'sTwitter accountHas been followed by about 220,000 people and has become a popular account that about 780,000 people subscribe to the channel on the YouTube channel.

Kootra - YouTube

Kootra advancing by shooting with gas gas with a machine gun in hand. The state of the principal is reflected in the lower left of the screen.

Sometimes it gets shot and is knocked down.

Suddenly looking back and looking at the door Kootra. In the movie, a voice like a calling "Are you inside someone?" Was recorded.

Kootra, who keeps the game with a state like "What ..."?

While thinking "Because of mind ... ..." while continuing the game ......

A voice is somewhat again.

"There is something like SWAT, I will be caught by SWAT in the real world !?" I will continue to play the game half laughing.

Where the headphones were removed with the feeling "What is it" ......

"Dokadokadoka !!" "What?"

"Raise your hand!" What a real SWAT rushed into the room. Looking at the movie, it seems as if the scene of the movie is reproduced as it is, Kootra is struck by a gun. This is horrible.

Kootra is shouting loudly as "Let's face down! Get down on the floor!" And obey instructions.

A SWAT member who steps on Kootra with his legs and "shuts his hands behind! This sense of urgency is perfect.

One of the members looked at the camera. Since there is a screen of FPS game at the end of the line of sight, it seems that I am thinking "What ...?"?

Mr. Kootra who is completely suspiciously handled with both hands behind.

A weapon check by the SWAT members will be started very soon.

A SWAT member who makes a hand around the crotch and can question "Hey! What is this!"

"It's just a smartphone." "Okay?"

But after that careful body check.

Kootra, confirmed to be unarmed, is ordered to "sit" on the chair. Even though it is a chair in my room ... ....

While doing so, it seems that the game connection has been canceled because the non-operation state continued.

A SWAT crew member who noticed "What is this?" Kootra replied, "Live streaming the screen during the game is streaming" ......

A crew member approaching the camera with a clue.

We will pick up the camera and the camera as it is.

And the screen is pitch black.

In response to the question "How to close the game?" Kootra only has to answer "click on the button on the top right then click on" OK "...".

The screen is pitch black. "How about the end of streaming?" "Play goes to the top of the screen, press the" Stop Streaming "button, then the playback stops ..." and playback has ended.

This one case is thought to have been a malicious mischief because someone happened with the police saying that the police "there is a murderer who killed two colleagues", that report. Kootra, who answers the interview after the incident, unexpectedly said, "I was actually aware of what was going to happen" about the situation at the time of inrush.

Kootra talks with a little smile, "I thought that the police came in because the cry came from outside the door." "Even though pizza was ordered by our name and taxis picked up in the past, this was my first time, I do not really understand why but I do not see the scene where the police rushes into my room I can not think of anything except looking at the screen and having fun. "

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