Meiji "Heilmond jelly" and "Helemon Ice bar" I tried it

beforeHeilmon jelly appearsHeyromon jelly introduced in the article that I brought it on sale, so I went to a convenience store to buy it. Then, Heilmont's ice bar was just released, so I bought it together so I decided to eat it. I think that the reproduction degree of iced is a reasonable one.

Details are as follows.
Heilmond jelly is a jelly drink

The energy is 34 kcal and it is considerably low calorie

I tried putting the jelly out into the glass. The color is pretty dark.

A color like a sports drink containing vitamin C.

Heilmont Ice bar

106 kcal

It is dangerous to play with ice sticks in hand.

I tried arranging three

Again, there was only one stick obliquely sticking ....

Tried vertically

Ramune comes out when you gargle

Ramune laying in line

Heilmond jelly was not so sweet, there was no sourness, I did not understand a bit about which is Heilmont. The color is yellow and it feels like jelly as it is a sports drink containing vitamin C.

Lemon flavor and iced barrels reproduced Heimemon well in ice bar. Since I became interested, I tried calling Meiji Dairies, and it seems that the inside of it is not Heimaemon. Apparently it seems to be a product that Meiji Seika and Meiji Dairies cooperated to make images of Heimaemon.

The page of Heimaemon of Meiji Seika is below.

Meiji Seika: Yogretto Hyremon

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