The soup of "Akira craftmans' essential rock 'n roll The one · soy sauce' goes well

magazine"TOKYO ★ 1 weekBecause the original menu created by the shop owner of "Ramen House 69 'N' Rollone" (read as Rock'n Roll One), who won the Best Newcomer Award in "Ramen of the year 2006" was released from Akashi so much hope I bought it, but this soup is really good. Since the taste is always different at all times, I thought "Why?" And read it carefully, "Instant noodle aseptically filled chicken soup Industry's first new technology soup"It was written. Indeed, indeed this was a flavor of muddiness, a cup noodle flavored taste.

That's why Akashi is going to hit the ground in a matter of time, so I will have a photo review. The taste of the soup itself was quite different from usual.
Meguri craftsmen 's essential rock' n 'roll one · soy sauce

Raw material is like this, chicken loose meat and sliced ​​meat, shredded onion, chili chip, black pepper.

The calorie is quite high at 404 kcal

Contents is like this. Put all but the powder soup later.

So put powder soup

Wait for 5 minutes with hot water ...... It takes quite a while

initial state. Here is the remaining liquid soup, soup stock, put the rest at the end

Completion, it's okay.

By the way it was written on the back of the lid when I thought of where the Ramen family 69 'N' Rollone was.

So, as for the taste, it is quite Umai as I mentioned at the beginning as well. It is quite distinctive soy sauce soup with a little sour taste, but it is a very good feeling of chicken oil than anything but it is the only taste that only flavored vegetables are boiled firmly. Honestly, Nissin's soup is the ultimate system in the direction opposite to the direction we have been aiming for so far. Everyone in the editorial department tasted it, but it was decided that "This is good" in unanimous agreement. To be honest, noodles and other items are acceptable. Soup is overwhelmingly good, it is too good.

Because it was too good, I decided to use it as it is for dinner. I am going to make Chinese soup with chives, shi mai and eggs.

That's why I follow the sequel to the shock, "As a stella's chicken and aseptic packed soup is so good, I tried it for dinner".

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Aki's chicken and aseptic packed soup is too delicious so I tried it for dinner

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