I tried immersing "MICRODIA SD memory card" available in harsh environments in water

At the other day GIGAZINE,SD memory card "MICRODIA SD memory card" which is usable even if it is always submerged and is also strong against heat, cold, humidity, sand, dust, static electricity and shock, clearing the 1.5 m drop testI picked up this SD memory card, so I tried to see if it can be used even if it is really immersed in water.

The content of the experiment is simple to pick the SD memory card in water, take it out and insert it in the camera, it is easy to experiment whether you can see the image inside, but if it fails, the camera Because there is enough fear of being broken, it is inner pounding.

The details of the movie of the state of the experiment etc are as follows.
The outer box looks like this.

On the back is written how many millions of pixels can be taken for each model's capacity.

Inside is like this. What is in front is an instruction manual (also warranty card).

This is "MICRODIA SD memory card". I borrowed this time is "XTRA PRO" of 160 times speed, 2GB model.

I turned it over. It is an ordinary SD memory card ....

I immersed it in water and tried it. Is it really usable?

Apparently it does not matter if it really gets wet in the water. This seems to be safe to use in a harsh environment.

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