A flashy demonstration "Dump'n Burn" burning dumped fuel with afterburner

I used to be a game name once "Afterburner"Is a device that obtains high thrust by blowing fuel (kerosene) once again to the exhaust of the jet engine to burn it. Even this is pretty awesome, but furthermore, I throw away fuel from the fuel dumping port in the aircraft's tail, ignite it with an afterburner and burn the fuel "Dump'n BurnIt seems there is something called " The top is that picture, but I'm blowing a fire, it's too cool.

Other photos are below.
The picture of "Dump-and-burn" is also available in Wikipedia.

Fuel dumping - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Such a picture as well.

F-111 by ~ Bostwickenator on deviantART

This seems to be slightly different, but this is cool with this.

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· Bonus: afterburner
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