"Top figures" to remove parts so as not to drop children to the sea

It is a game that removes unnecessary parts while preventing children dropping on an unstable foothold onto the sea. It is quite difficult because what you thought would be okay to take this would affect unexpected places. Since the score will rise as you go through a lot of parts, you need to think about the balance so that you can extend the score while stabilizing.

Access is from the following.
VivaLaGames.Com - Top Figures

Although it is a child not so cute, it is not good to drop it.

The rule is easy, I just select the bars I want to take.

For example.

I think that it will not affect here, so I will pull it out.

I pulled out the right side as well.

Taking this in a lot and pulling out a lot, it's like this. It is very safe. Incidentally you can go to the next level if you take one stick. Do not push yourself at a difficult level and think about going on next.


There are lots of unnecessary, but do not erase important things by mistake.

I wonder where I should erase.

Children are not necessarily at the top.

Although the level is 30 in all, it seems to be random rather than becoming more difficult. In order to post the score all levels have to be cleared.

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