Photo of Volkswagen Beetle equipped with rocket and lobster

It is a picture of trying to combine Volkswagen 's Type 1 (Beetle) with various things, or to make it strange. It is what the bicycle and jetman knew that people wanted to equip the rocket at once, but until the lobster ....

Details are as follows.
State of rocket equipment.

Vigorously jet.

It is going to have a tremendous speed.

Proceed with the waves.
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Equipped with lobster.

sphere. I wonder if it rolls and goes on.

I do not have a tire but a handle.

Trunk instead of planter.
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It became a helicopter. Is it flying?
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Pikachu car. The ear and the tail are attached properly.

Merge up and down.

American color.
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Camper car specification.
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It gathers in the grass.
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In a shape like a spider.
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Mini Beetle.
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Durability seems to be low.
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Because it is wooden floating.

Specification on snow.

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