Eleven fire trucks for training at the firefighter's school fire up with a fire

A horrible accident happened that a fire broke out at a school that fosters firefighters and fire engines that burn 116,000 pounds (about 17 million yen) each will be burned. It is a place that should not happen if it is ordinary, but why has it become such a thing?

Details are below
Over 50 firefighters were called out to moreton-in-Marsh to put out a blaze at a building at the Fire Service College.

BBC NEWS | England | Gloucestershire | Blaze breaks out at fire college

There was a fire in the UKGloucestershireBuilding of a fire fighter school which is founded more than 30 years ago. A school official found out that the building was burning around 9 o'clock in the morning and immediately reported to the local fire brigade, 58 fire fighters seemed to have succeeded in extinguishing fire upon extinguishing fire.

Twelve fire engines were stored in a burning building, and 11 of them were in vain. There were 1200 liters of diesel fuel and 500 liters of hydraulic oil in the same building, which may have been more seriously damaged if it was ignited.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, but "The burning building was equipped with a small amount of electrical equipment", so it may be related to this.

Below is a video of BBC news. You can see that fire engines in the hangar have become tough.

YouTube - Fleet lost in fire college blaze

In addition, the school side says that "Burning equipment is all old and there were no injured people, there is no big influence on normal school management".

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