"Spider-Man 3" already leaked to the black market in China

This golden week's biggest featured work, the world's fastest release is Japan that is released on May 1 that big film "Spider-Man 3However, it has already flowed out to the black market in China more than two weeks ago, it seems that it is trading at a high price. what the hell.

The details of the shock are below.
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The outflow was confirmed in Beijing's stalls in China. It was exactly confirmed on April 24 (Tue). Whether or not the contents are realistic seems to be "truth unknown, unverifiable" because it can not confirm the contents unless it is released in Japan.

By the way, examples that leaked out before the release existed in the past,"Star Wars Episode 3 / Revenge of Sith" leaked out on the net more than 6 hours agoYou may. Moreover, it seems that this was ripped from the DVD, and the image quality seems to be considerably good. So this "Spider-Man 3" is not fake information, or ....

2007/04/27 11:16 postscript
In addition, there is a possibility that it was taken at the premiere preview screening etc and leaked out. Premier release dates of each country are as follows.

Spider-Man 3 (2007) - Release dates

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