The live-action movie version "Dragon Ball" trailer release date postponed to December 12, 2008, the advance notice movie that ceased publishing is like this

Hollywood live-action movie version dealing with information on dragon ball "DBLegends"Heard from the 20th century FOX, the trailer's release date in the theater is on December 12, 2008, the biggest science fiction starring Keanu Reeves"The day the earth restsIt is said that it will be screened on the first public release.

So, it seems that it has been discontinued due to various circumstances, in a certain way a notice movie using material of the real monstersA movie that was scheduled to be released around tomorrowUse the material of) to play from the following.
Dragonball Expo Trailer | Dragonball - The Movie

The movie at the above site has been requested to officially delete from the 20th century FOX, and it has been ironically confirmed as "Hongmono".

In fact, similar movies uploaded to YouTube etc.Delete as foundAnd each site that had released similar high-quality versions had "Deleted movies by FOX's cancellation request"The text that is confirmed.

In addition, the above movie is a thing like a demonstration movie using notice material, apparently because it was attached in anticipation of anticipation comment more than expected due to flowing out on the net, 20th century FOX uses these materials It seems that we canceled the trailer's publication using.

I am looking forward to seeing how much quality is up in the movie that will be out in December ... ... or something like that there may not be a possibility of being released before that ... ....

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