Xbox 360 ELITE is not enough to buy from Xbox 360

Equipped with 120 GB HDD and HDMI terminal previously reported in GIGAZINEXbox 360 high-end model "Xbox 360 ELITE"Is it really worth replacing from conventional Xbox 360?

It seems that I tried to verify including the noise and heat, including where users were concerned about the conventional Xbox 360.

Details are as follows.
Xbox 360 Elite vs. classic: the test - Engadget

According to this article, the noise emitted from the case fan of the main body seems to be the same as the chipset using the same 90 nm process as the conventional method, not 65 nm process. Also, the driving sound of the optical drive is the same as before.

Although it is about heat, it seems that there was no difference as this also has the same chipset.

And although it is about improving the image quality by installing the HDMI terminal, when I compare the "Batman Begins" by connecting the HD-DVD drive, the following result was obtained, so that almost no difference was seen is. As for the audio, since the format supported is the same as before, there is not much merit of installing the HDMI terminal.

The right half is the conventional Xbox 360, the left half is the Xbox 360 ELITE.

The right half is Xbox 360 ELITE and the left half is Xbox 360.

Looking at the result, I think that the merit of Xbox 360 ELITE is thin, but there seems to be advantages such as the click feeling of the power button and the controller being able to rest a little finger than before. Based on the above, it is not necessary to replace almost, but if you really think that you are "elite," you are supposed to buy it without worrying about it.

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