NTT DoCoMo's "Raku Raku PHONOS" series sold 10 million units sold

NTT DoCoMo's easy-to-use operation is easy, and the sales volume of the mobile phone "Raku Raku PHONO" series which can be handled easily even by the elderly has exceeded the total of 10 million units nationwide since the launch in 1999 is.

In the recent model, it is not only a function that takes into consideration the elderly, but also the latest features such as cameras are equipped with "Raku Raku PHONE" series, but selling this only means that mobile phones are not necessary for the elderly Is it that it is becoming things?

Details are as below.
Press release announcement: Raku Raku Hong Series cumulative sales volume exceeded 10 million units nationwide | Notice | NTT DoCoMo

According to this release, the "Raku Raku PHONE" series has been released from nine models of "movie" and "FOMA", nine models, from "P601es" released in October 1999 to the latest "Raku - Raku PHONE Basic" It is said that as of April 22, 2007, the cumulative sales volume exceeded 10 million units.

Graph of sales volume. The number of units sold per year has increased dramatically compared with the beginning of sales.

Even auDiscount plan for seniors "wide support"Even though it is prepared, it may be natural for elderly people to have mobile phones.

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