Counterfeit command from criminal organization against two pirated DVD search dogs

A special trained narcotic investigative dog that discovers pirated DVDs (so-called illegal copies)DVD investigation dogIt is said that there is a remarkable achievement in Malaysia with a huge market of pirated DVDs that are in line with China. The troubled one is a criminal organization making a living by pirated DVD.

It seems that the criminal organization paid a reward for two pirated DVD search dogs and issued an erasure command.

Details such as prize money are below.
Current affairs dot com: pirated censored inbred to the neck of the dog = criminal organization of the struggle command to kill - Malaysia

Slashdot Japan | Piracy DVD Detecting Destruction by Dog

The prize money for each one is about 3.4 million yen. These two investigative dogs are equivalent to 400 million yenI found a pirated DVDIt is said that criminal organizations are being forced to give up an order to kill them.

But how does the criminal organization determine whether the dog brought in is really that investigative dog ... Or is there a circulating arrangement with pictures ...?

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