Wikipedia articles can be searched from mobile phones

The service "Goo Wikipedia article search" of the Internet portal site "Goo" provided by NTT Resonant is likely to be available on the mobile site "Mobile Goo".

It might be useful when you want to do a little research on the road.

Details are as below.
About "mobile phone support" of "goo Wikipedia article search" - press release - goo help

According to this article, as a result of the questionnaire targeting users of "mobile goo", more than half of the desire to use the dictionary function has reached more than half, and keywords searched by "mobile goo" also include person names such as talents Since it occupies the top, it seems that we decided to make "goo Wikipedia article search" which can search many articles about various things including person's name also available from "mobile goo".

How to access access from mobile phone.

In addition, it seems that there is also a place offering "Wicky" service which provides the service which reply search results by simply sending the word you want to check from the mobile phone by e-mail.


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