Have you already tried "Fanta Fantastic Five"?

Fanta "Fanta Fantastic Five" to taste five fruits on April 23 (Monday) was sold, did you guys already have been drunk? It is a juice that seemingly crowded feeling, but exactly that, exactly, when I drank it got a terrible taste.

Details are as below.
A star mark expressing five tastes.

The color of the contents is like a grape juice.

There are quite a lot of carbonic acid.

I smelled peach and cherry when I opened the lid. I also knew the taste of apple as I drank it, but I did not understand about the remaining 2 types.releaseAccording to others it seems that guava and apricot are contained, but in the editorial department, only a taste of guava is felt slightly, and there is zero person who understood the taste of apricot. Because the taste of various fruits is felt apart, I think that the name of fantastic is actually expressing this product very precisely. Is it perfect for people who want to enjoy various flavors at once?

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