Snake games like the movie "TRON" keep running longer than your opponent

It seems there was a scene in which an anthropomorphic program runs around on a motorcycle in SF movie "TRON" released in 1982, but it is a game as if I imagined it. The purpose is to keep running longer than your opponent. The trail that I ran was left out when I hit there. Let's crash other players well while keeping track of the trajectory.

Details are as follows.
The GL Tron Homepage

Download downloads that fits your OS from "Stable Version, 0.70".

The glTron Download page

title. There is a figure of such a motorcycle.

The game screen looks something like this. The whole figure is displayed in the lower left.

When the motorcycle crashes, the track of that motorcycle disappears.

I crashed. It is shattered.

It is also possible to change the viewpoint, and you can enjoy such a powerful play that the wall will come close in this way.

crash. Suddenly a wall appears before my eyes so I am quite surprised.

Next is "TRON 2.0". In the game of Disney Interactive, the product version was released in 2003, but you can download this Playable Demo from Please note that restart is required after installation.

Tron 2.0 (Buena Vista Games)

Menu, you can uninstall from here.

Detail setting. You should choose the environment that suits yourself.

Although you can choose Single player and Multiplayer, Multiplayer is impossible unless it is LAN match.

Menu of Single player. Actually, game like FPS is the main, but in the trial version you can only play Light cycles.

First of all, it might be better to get used to the operation method by playing the tutorial.

This position is the default for the viewpoint, but you can move it with a mouse or the cursor keys in various ways.

It is the item that is shining on the map. There are shields and turbo.

Since items can obtain more than one effect at the same time, it is advantageous to keep as much as possible what you can take.

It is the goal that the red arrow is out.

Enemies will appear from the second stage of the tutorial.

When entering the game the enemy's movement will be much better. It was intertwined splendidly.

At the end of the game, TRON 2.0 advertisement enters. .

It is "FL TRON 2.0" that you can play most easily.


title screen. A sexy woman will welcome you.

It seems like I am a woman like this. The operation method is not the key corresponding to the direction of travel, but it needs to be a little careful as it moves in the direction of pressing the cursor key. Since your aircraft goes to the left at first, pressing the right key does not respond.

The enemy of LEVEL 1 seems to like a stair-type movement.

Everything seems to be too bad ....

You can fight from LEVEL 3 properly. Or, from 2 to 3 it becomes suddenly stronger.

lost. There are up to six levels.

Although I am not riding a motorcycle, since there are games like the following for a snake game, please enjoy it variously.


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