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A computer that uses 8 gallons (about 30 liters) of edible oil to cool. I put an oil in a tightly sealed case and put AMD Athlon FX - 55 processor and GeForce 6800 Ultra. In short, the motherboard was immersed in oil. It seems to be something that can withstand practical use, but it is going to be a serious thing to put it in the room and hurry while using it.

Details are as follows.
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The specification of the used PC is below.

Motherboard:GIGABYTE GA - K8NXP - SLI (with nForce 4 SLI chipset) $ 220 (about 26,000 yen)
CPU:AMD Athlon 64 FX - 55 $ 1079 (about 126,000 yen)
Graphic board:GeForce 6800 Ultra $ 359 (about 42,000 yen)
memory:DDR 400 1GB $ 120 (approx. 14,000 yen)
HDD:Maxtor 320GB $ 155 (about 18,000 yen)
accessory:Keyboard and mouse, 16 × speed DVD-R drive etc. A total of about 2000 dollars (about 234,000 yen).

Initially I decided to use distilled water with better thermal conductivity than oil, when I tried using 5 gallons (about 19 liters) of distilled water, it seems that I shorted it in around 5 minutes. I hear that you should not do this if you do not want to lose hardware that costs $ 2000. The attitude of challenging everything is amazing.

First of all, it is an experiment whether it moves properly in oil. Cooling seems to be OK.

Transparent case to use.

Prepared. It is necessary to open holes and fill with silicon.

Tightly sealed so that oil does not leak.

I will also fill in the silicone firmly here.

Processing with silicon firmly so that oil does not permeate around CPU.

For the purpose of draining oil, put a rubber stopper on the bottom of the case.


Oil to use.

Put oil in a beard. HDD etc. are installed above the oil level.

As I tried it seems that the temperature rise of the oil slowly rose only to about 104 degrees Celsius (40 degrees Celsius). I am planning to use Athlon 64 FX - 60 in this system, but I will say that even FX - 55 will work faster than the Intel Pentium - D 840. Of course, since it uses a lot of liquid, there is a danger of short-circuiting due to oil leakage and contamination of impurities, so at that time it is necessary to remove all oil and clean the hardware. The rubber stopper attached to the bottom is for that time.

Those who carried out this experiment use vegetable oil for edible to make easily, but the recommended oil seems to be motor oil. Please refer to those who make it in the future.

To download this movie, download the movie below. I am thrilled to see the place to pour the oil into the case.
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