I tried the next generation waterproof spray "NeverWet" which surprisingly repels water and tried it to various things

Just by spraying, waterproof spray gives strong water repellency so that water falls down the surface "NeverWet"is. As NeverWet is said to be tremendous as it sold over 500,000 pieces in just one month after its release in the US, try waterproofing the thing which actually does not seem to repel water with NeverWet and investigate how much water is repelling I tried.

Superhydrophobic Coatings | Corrosion Control & amp; Waterproof Coatings | NeverWet

Here is "NeverWet".

NeverWet can be used for textiles and leather goods besides metal, wood and aluminum, but when the spray dries and forms a special film, it appears rough and looks whitish, so be careful when using it for textiles and leather goods It is necessary.

There were two spray cans and two instruction manuals in the box.

Please note that not to spray indoors in the instruction manual, wear masks and gloves, etc. as attention.

So we prepared masks and gloves.

This time we try waterproofing with NeverWet, it is cloth shoes, leather shoes, toenails, T-shirts, hats and plates.

First, I will spray "STEP 1 Base Coat".

Shake well before use.

Spray the spray 15 to 30 cm from the object. "STEP 1 Base Coat" has a strong smell of thinner, so it is strictly prohibited to use indoors.

Spray on the top of the shoe so that there is no unevenness.

After spraying on the whole, wait 1 to 2 minutes and spray "STEP 1 Base Coat" again.

Shoes on the back of shoes.

When you finish swinging "STEP 1 Base Coat" like this. For the moment we can not see any change in color.

I also spray on the hat in the same way as shoes.

For large items like T - shirts, spray firmly so that there is no unevenness.

Will NeverWet show its effect even when the fiber gap is rough like a clip?

To make NeverWet's ability to be clear, the plate is sprayed only half.

Finally spray on leather shoes and the first stage is over.

Dry it for more than 30 minutes when spraying is over.

After 30 minutes, "STEP 2 Top Coat" comes in.

The way of spraying is totally with "STEP 1 Base Coat". Spray carefully so as not to drip.

Do not forget the back of your shoes.

Hats and ...

Leather shoes and other things also spray "STEP 2 Top Coat" in the same way. Wait for drying after spraying. It dries for at least 30 minutes, but it is good to dry for 12 hours to 24 hours in order to obtain a high effect, so wait for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, finally drying finished.

Shoes that were waterproofed with NeverWet on the left side, shoes that do not do anything on the right side.

Although it is hard to understand in the photograph, the surface of the shoes that were waterproofed with NeverWet is scratchy.

Leather shoes sprayed with NeverWet changed color pale. When NeverWet is used for products with color, it seems better to be prepared to change color.

◆ water
First check the power of NeverWet by sprinkling water on cloth shoes and leather shoes.

I will try putting the water in the container.

The state of watering waterproof fabric cloth shoes can be checked from the following movie.

I tried watering waterproof shoes with NeverWet - YouTube

When you put water on your shoes, you can see that it is repelling water as if to repel the ball.

The water hitting the surface of the shoe was blown off as water droplets.

I confirmed the surface after spraying water, but it was not wet at all.

Next I will try putting water on the leather shoes.

You can check how water is spraying on waterproof leather shoes from the following movie.

I tried watering waterproof leather shoes with NeverWet - YouTube

When water is applied to leather shoes, it will sprinkle water like cloth shoes.

This shoe string part as well.

Water-repelling leather shoes like fun

Like cloth shoes, it never got wet even if water was applied to waterproof leather shoes with NeverWet.

◆ Liquid mixed with paint
Next, let's experiment with a liquid prepared by mixing water-based paint.

Use water color paint green

It is possible to check the appearance on the liquid shoes made by mixing water-based paints from the following movie.

I tried green liquid on shoes that were waterproofed with NeverWet - YouTube

When I try to put on my shoes, I will recline like water.

The dropped water droplet is so beautiful that I can notice it unintentionally.

Let's apply liquid to shoes that are not waterproofed with NeverWet.

I put it on liquid and remained on the surface of my shoes.

Far from being on the surface, you can see that it stains a little.

When you arrange waterproof shoes and shoes you do not have, you can clearly see the difference.

Even though I put it on a waterproof leather shoe, it repaired water like a cloth shoe properly.

It will become fun by gradually hitting water until so far.

Next to the shoes, experiment with a board.

You can check the appearance of placing a green liquid on a waterproof board from the following movie.

I tried green water on a tree waterproofed with NeverWet - YouTube

If liquid is applied to the part not waterproofed, liquid will remain on the surface like the image ... ....

The liquid was repelled when it was applied to the waterproof surface.

Even if you try it all the time, this street.

This time I tried placing a plate on a green liquid.

The state that the waterproofed board is attached to the green liquid can be confirmed from the following.

I tried waterproofed trees with NeverWet on green liquid - YouTube

Sink the board in the liquid ... ...

Raise this street.

Even if it is seen near, it does not have any liquid.

Next is an experiment with a hat.

You can check how the green liquid is applied to the waterproofed hat from the following movie.

I tried applying a green liquid to a hat waterproofed with NeverWet - YouTube

Even though trying to apply liquids vigorously, the result is the same as shoes soak water.

I will be reminded of the power of NeverWet.

The hat after shaking the liquid is shiny.

Next is a towel.

If you try to fold the clip and attach it to the liquid, if the liquid does not permeate, NeverWet's victory.

Put on liquid ...

I pulled up and the liquid solidly soaked up.

A special membrane which can be sprayed will waterproof, but if the gap of the fiber is large like a clip, the effect seems to be diminished.

◆ Aqueous garden paint
Next on the water-based paint I will try it with the water-based garden paint.

Water-based garden paint uses red color.

Unlike the previous liquid, the water-based garden paint is drool.

Dropped water-based garden paint dropped into cloth shoes.

Water garden paint was vainly anticipated and stuck to the surface of the shoe without being repelled.

I tried to apply water from the top, but the paint did not fall. NeverWet's defeat.

It was impossible for the fiber part, so we tried it with rubber sole part.

It was impossible to repaint the paint even in the sole part.

Let's wash away the paint with water.

Although I could drop the paint considerably, I could not feel the effect of water repellency very much.

While wishing for success, this time I will apply water garden paint to leather shoes.

Although it is more painful than cloth shoes ......

Paint is sticky.

I put some water on it but it got red paint left.

The last experiment using water-based garden paint was a board.

Give the board a vigorous paint ... ...

I would like to compare it with shoes when pulled up, but paint remained on the surface.

When painting the surface with water, it feels like this. Confirmed that it was slightly red.

I will also try it on parts that are not waterproof.

Give it fast ......

Paint up when lifting up. The part which was waterproofed with NeverWet was repelling paint rather than the part which was not done, but I found that NeverWet does not exert much power on water-based garden paint.

◆ Canola oil
Next time I will try using canola oil.

Cats that are exposed to canola oil are hats that repel liquids mixed with water-based paints.

Drop canola oil vigorously!

Unfortunately the hat became unusable again unless it washed it.

Next I will try applying canola oil to the board.

Terrifying canola oil ......

The oil remained on the board without being repelled.

Wipe off oil with tissue and wipe.

The surface became smooth, but the back of the oil remained.

◆ Soy sauce
Finally reproduces the common situation "I spilled soy sauce on T-shirt." In addition, because the surface of the T - shirt after waterproofing is rough and gorgeous, even if it repels soy sauce, it was not in a state to be worn.

Will T-shirt waterproofed with NeverWet repel soy sauce?

If you soak up soy sauce ... ...

There was a stain in the clean beautiful.

The conclusion
When waterproofed with NeverWet, color changes and the surface becomes rough or gorgeous, so it is impossible to use it for clothes and so on. In addition, while waterproof performance against water is dramatically high, the effect will be diminished for liquids containing oil and juicy liquids. If you use NeverWet, it seems better to keep it as a product that has white or near white color, or even if the texture of the surface changes. Also, please be careful as it can not be used for electronic equipment.

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