"Never Wet" to waterproof itself without attaching a cover to the smartphone

85 thousand mobile phones a year are broken in the toiletAs there is data saying, water is a natural enemy of a mobile phone. Waterproof mobile phones and waterproof smartphones have also increased, but there are models that are not waterproof although there are many people who like iPhones, so they are not prohibited. Such a strong ally of non-waterproof mobile is a waterproof spray "Never Wet"is.

Superhydrophobic Coatings | Corrosion Control & amp; Waterproof Coatings | NeverWet

It is not a special item, it looks just a waterproof spray.

Never Wet As long as it is sprayed electronic equipment, it is OK to submerge it.

Never Wet 2 - YouTube

Never wear a board with a lot of small capacitors etc attached to water, which should never be done normally, since there is Never Wet processed, there is no problem.

Even if I spill chocolate, it will repel everything.

Even with iPhone without waterproof function ......

It is functioning without problems in water.

This Never Wet can be used for any material.

Nanotechnology neverwet fabrics - YouTube

Never Wet Before processing and processed shoes into a muddy puddle.

Pull out my foot all the way ... ...

Which has been processed clearly obvious.

Completely defended even from wines which are hard to remove when attached with color.

This is a salad oil. I play a little.

Also chocolate and ketchup ......

I just lifted the shoes and shocked the tongs and just got dropped off without leaving anything.

Even clothing is this street.

"Never Wet"Super water repellent, That is, it comes into contact with the surface at a contact angle of water drop of 150 degrees or more. Therefore, water droplets on the surface are played as though they roll.

By the way, it seems like a waterproof purpose if it is from the name, but in fact it is a multifunctional spray that is waterproof, anti-freeze, anti-rust, antibacterial, self-cleaning. It is as strange as proving with the movie above, but it is so powerful that it is so powerful that "Then, what do you do when you want to remove the effect of this spray?Some people have raised the doubt that.

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