Remodel DELL's desktop PC like a devil's PC that came from hell

A record which made it to PC of "HELL" instead of DELL at the expense of an old desktop PC at hand. The sacrificed PC is Inspiron M155, and it is amazingly grotesque PC completed. I do not want to keep it in the room so much ....

Please note that some people may get as much damage as the glow image.

Details are as below.
[Dell is] TheGreatSatan

This is before processing. Strange things are already on the right side.

Attach the backbone.

And painted to the bright red.

Something also attached to the front panel.

Mokomoko that makes the image of the organs.

Some things like gargoyle 's head.


Logo also from DELL ...



He is blowing out violent smoke.

Below is the movie that the machine is running.
YouTube - The Great Satan Dell PC Mod

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