"The Kegulator" which knows the amount of beer you need by entering the number of people going to drink

When I enter the number of people participating in a drinking party and how many people drink, I will tell you the amount of beer needed at that drinking party. Although there is an error, it may become a rough index.

Access is from the following.
The Kegulator

Easy to use. Enter the number of people and click "Continue" beside that, just select how many people drink each with a slider. In the case of the example below, 15 people who drink only 2 cups out of 30 people, 8 people 3 to 5 cups, 2 people 6 to 9 cups, 3 people drink more than 10 cups, There were two people who do not know well. When you finish typing, click "Kegulate" below.

The result will be displayed. In the case of these 30 people, the amount of beer required is one barrel. There are also pony, forty, twelver if it is a fine unit. Besides, as the number of people increases, it will get hot, so I will tell you the amount of ice you need and the number of extra glasses needed for when you are drunk and broken.

This is not used when going to a shop somewhere, it is used when you do a drinking party at home.

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