Baked pigs of 'Akeboshiro Tonkori Pork Koari Soy Sauce Ramen' was really shabby

Aisei Foods "Tempura pork belly soy sauce ramenWe are selling it for 250 yen (excluding tax) from March 5 (Monday). I saw this at a convenience store, so I bought it immediately and tried it. A baked pig is drawn very large in the lid, but I opened it to see if it really contains it.

Details are as follows.
Inside the pack is a retort cooked pack containing baked pigs, powder soup, liquid soup, 4 of the last. There are only six baked pigs indeed, and the pack of retort cooked goods is big.

Put powder soup, put hot water and wait 3 minutes. If you can, put the rest of the packs ready.

When you eat, you are still satisfied with the volume of baked pigs. Each one is softer and smoother, and the texture when it is put in the mouth is dull. Also, such baked pigs seem to be slightly sweet, but salty is also a good accent. The soup is good with soy sauce flavored with the taste of baked pigs, which is pretty refreshing. However, the impression that the hen is a hard cracked one and does not match too much with other things. I wanted it to be something that would match a bit more.

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