Experience "EV SSL server certificate" in which address bar of IE 7 turns green

Although encrypted communication by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) whose address begins with "https", encryption and the certificate of that server (site real existence certificate) are confused at the present time and all are displayed with the same key mark I will. As a result, we could not distinguish between simply encrypted sites and secure sites proved real. Therefore, at the phishing scam site and so on, we are implementing SSL only to trick people who came.

Determination of SSL by this key mark E-certification business that felt a sense of crisis in the system collapse A new certificate called "EV SSL server certificate" was launched from each company in 2005. As well as checking the ownership of the domain name, it involves certification of the authority of the person responsible for the application, verification of the existence of the organization in the government or a third party agency, so it is not simply encrypted , You know whether the site is safe (whether you are cheating a real site).

IE 7 which is compatible with this new "EV SSL server certificate" is standardly installed from Windows Vista. Already downloadable for XP, it will be updated automatically from the second quarter of 2007. With this IE 7, the address bar turns green in communication using "EV SSL server certificate".

So let 's try it on the site below.
COMODO EV SSL server certificate

After accessing, click "EV SSL test" on the left

Attention is paid to the address bar at the top, it is green. In the sense that the key icon is encrypted, the character string to the right of it indicates "the certificate authority that issued the certificate to the website" and "the information about the organization that operates the website" .

Since the certificate is displayed next to the key mark, clicking on it will write "the certificate authority that issued the certificate to the website" above, the one written on the " Information on organizations to be managed "

Click "View certificate" and it will be displayed like this

This is normal only with SSL encrypted communication. Although the key icon is displayed, the name of the certificate authority etc. is not displayed and the address bar does not become green.

For browsers not compatible with "EV SSL Server Certificate", you can use as usual. Firefox and Opera will also have a function to clearly distinguish this "EV SSL server certificate", and Firefox will respond from 3.0. Opera has already been displayed for certificate authorities and operating organizations, and it seems that functions such as changing the color of address bar are under consideration.

Server ID - Frequently Asked Questions About EV SSL Certificate

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