Paint starts at ATM which adopted Windows, and it is inconveniently

ATM, of course, is that "bank automated teller machine" in that bank etc. Windows XP Embedded has been adopted as the ATM OS since about 2003, but paint has been activated by someone, what is wrong with it, it is in an unusable state.

Details are as follows.
Melissa's Adventures: Paint at the movies ?!

This is one of the ATMs set in the movie theater, somehow the task bar has been displayed, it seems that this has been caused by starting paint from there.

In the past, there was also a case where ATM adopting Windows was infected with virus.

Slashdot Japan | Windows based ATM infected by Nachi

In addition, there are also cases in which an error is issued and it becomes a blue screen, and operation becomes impossible.

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Obviously not bad ....

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