The annual number of visitors to the blog was 26.87 million, SNS's annual number of visitors was 110.4 million

Video research interactive (company of the same affiliation as providing TV viewership) totaled for the year of 2006, totaling 26.87 million blogs annually, the number of SNS annual visitors is It was 10.14 million people, and it seems that it was said that 105.7 million people are visiting both blogs and SNS.

Since this value is all the value of PC Internet users in the home, it seems that it will further increase if including mobile phones.

Detailed viewing trends are as follows.
A total visitor to the SNS site · blog site for 1 year 2006 is over 27 million

Duplicate viewing status of blog site and SNS site

Overlapping status of blog · SNS visitors

Blog / SNS site Contact ratio composition ratio

SNS site contact trend trend (January - December 2006): 2.1 million in January and 4.69 million in December, almost doubling in one year or so

Contact status transition of SNS site

Blog site contact trends (January to December 2006): This trend slightly increased

Trend of contact situation of blog site

Although it seems that there is still an increasing trend overall, if more mobile phones are included, it is increasing more ...?

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