"Painful news (No ∀`) "exceeded 100 million monthly access, even with smartphones alone 10 million PV

It is said that the so-called "2channel conclusion site" of the so-called "2channel conclusion site" can be said to be a pick up and introduce threads and other topics that were talked about on 2channels, but it has finally broken through 100 million monthly accesses per month It is that.

Details are as below.Popular blog at domestic largest blog service "livedoor Blog", "Painful news (No ∀`) "exceeded 100 million monthly access! - Press Release 2011 - Livedoor Co., Ltd.

According to the release of Livedoor, the popular "painful news (No ∀`) "in the" livedoor blog "operated by the company has broken through 100 million monthly accesses. In addition, "Painful news (No ∀`) "has gained considerable popularity, such as ranking in fourth place following" mixi "" 2 chan "" Mobage "in the Google mobile search keyword as of 2008.

In addition to that the thread of "2channel" attracted the interest of net users as a reason for "painful news (No ∀`) "breaking through 100 million page views, in addition to the fact that the blog's It is thought that the influence itself expanded and that the site which is linked and the device that can be browsed rapidly penetrated because it increased.

Also, as smartphones made a leap forward, the impact of having each content of the portal site "livedoor" correspond to smartphones was great, and the number of accesses from "smart news (No ∀`) smartphones was about 2% It has grown to 11%, and only smartphones have grown to over 10 million page views.

Access to "painful news (No ∀`) "is from the following.

Painful news (No ∀ `) - Livedoor blog

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