A man who was buried as a woman 5000 years ago will be excavated

It was revealed that the remains of a man about five thousand years ago unearthed in the Czech Republic was buried as a "female" by a burial method such as a burial place or a burial. This man was probably treated as a woman from a life and was considered to play a female role in the society at that time,TransgenderIt is thought that it is the oldest thing in the world that has been discovered so far as the remains of the people of the world.

Prehistoric Central Europe might have been a society with a culture that is "tolerant" and "advanced" as much as modern as far as gender view is concerned.

Details are as below.Gay caveman: 5,000-year-old male skeleton 'outed' by way he was buried | Mail Online

The remains of this person unearthed in the outskirts of Prague has been identified as being around 2,800 BC - 2,500 BC. According to archaeologists,Neolithic periodFrom the last stageCopper Age·Bronze AgeEarlyCorded Ware CultureIn this age where the rope-like earthenware culture was called flower-like pottery called from the earthenware patterned with rope like the Jomon period in Japan, there is a clear distinction between male and female burial methods in this area, and The acts of "burial" and "funeral" were emphasized and treated very severely, so it is unlikely that men were buried as women by mistake.

In a contemporary cemetery in this area that has been excavated so far, men are buried with the body facing the right side and the head in the west and the feet pointing in the east whereas women are buried in the body without exception It is said that the head is facing the east with the left side facing down and is buried. In addition, the burial items are clearly different between men and women, while men are buried together with weapons such as hammers and knives and foods and beverages prepared for the final journey, while women include necklaces made of teeth such as teeth, copper earrings etc. I was wearing jewelry of the same type, and was buried with the pottery used for domestic work and an egg-shaped pot in the forefoot.

The remains excavated this time. It is a woman 's burial method at that time, with the left side of the body facing downwards and the head on the east side.

Burial items such as a pot are usually found in women's cemetery.

In the past it was buried as a manMiddle Stone AgeThere are also cases where female warriors of women have been excavated. Archaeologists are almost convinced that the person discovered this time is a homosexual or transgender who was treated as a "female" or "third sex" in the society of the time, It seems that he thinks that it is the oldest in the world as a corpse or a heterosexual male guy found in the world.

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