However, there has been no new animation from Eva for the past 12 years

As Neon Genesis Evangelion is "Evangelion New Theater Version", it will be screened as September 1, 2007 first plenary, then sequentially, middle, second and final edition, but that is the director Anno Hideaki The full text of the general director's message and the original movie version of the new movie are Yahoo! It is open to public from today's special site.

There is written in the statement of statement that "There was no new animation from Eva for the last 12 years", and it seems that we are thinking about various things.

Details are from the following.
Yahoo! JAPAN - Evangelion Feature

Moreover, the same thing as this sentence announcement sentence seems to be overhanging at 50 movie theaters nationwide. You can see the picture in the following article.

Evangelion: "New Theatrical Version" released September 1 "Directed to Modern" and directed by Anno (Eitan Web)

In addition, there is a production diary below, and the article has already arrived.

Yahoo! Merumaga - Evangelion New Theater Version Sayori> Evangelion New Theater Excellent [No. 0]

Yahoo! Merumaga - Evangelion New Theater Version

Evangelion of the time which was broadcasted on television 12 years ago began to see from the seventh episode, it was interesting, so I borrowed a video from a friend who is watching from the beginning and also recording and supplements from 1 story to 6 talks, after that I remember the last episode. Naturally I went to see the movie version, but where will we change this place .... uneasy.


By the way, what happened to the live action Evangelion of the Hollywood version ...?

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