The game "Oshidama" rolling through the ball until the goal

It is a game rolling the ball to the goal by pressing the ball with the mouse. It is only to decide the direction of the ball even if you press it, so let's calculate the angle carefully. Although it is also in the explanatory note, the concentration ability is required as the latter half comes.

Access is from the following.
GamePure 【Oshidama】

title screen.

The game screen looks something like this. Carry the ball on the upper left hand moving ball to next lower right. When falling into a hole in the middle, it returns to the start position. There are 4 stages at 1 level, and the number of times you can press is decided. There are difficult stages in the second half, so the number of times you press as little as possible.

When you get on the arrow plate, it flows in that direction. If it does not get along well it will be straight to the hole.

The rank determined by the high score and the number of pressed times is displayed. Let's aim at S rank.

Funny stage. Let's hurry and carry it before it falls into the hole.

It gets harder and harder as the level goes up.

Eventually level 10 could not be cleared.

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