Intel Develops High-Performance, Ultra-Low Power CPU with 80 Core

At IDF (Intel Developer Forum) Fall 2006 last September,Intel announced the "Quad Core (Quad Core)" CPU with four coresHowever, it seems that the prototype of the CPU composed of 80 cores that was being announced at that time was finally completed.

In addition, with this one CPU Intel developed for the Sandia National Laboratory in the USA in 1996, requires over 2000 square feet (approximately 186 square meters) of space and 500 kilowatts or more of power, 10000 It is said to achieve the same performance as "ASCI Red Supercomputer" composed of Pentium Pro processor.

That's a ridiculous CPU ....

Details are as follows.
Intel Corporation Promotes Research toward "Terra Era"

According to this release, the CPU with 80 cores developed this time has realized several trillion times computational speed (teraflops) per second comparable to supercomputer, and there seems to be terabyte data transmission processing capability is. As a result, artificial intelligence and video communication, which was once considered SF (science fiction), realistic games approaching photographic image quality, multimedia data mining, real-time conversation recognition, etc. will become more familiar in the future about.

And surprisingly, this CPU seems to be consuming 62 watts less than many existing single core CPUs. And the development of this CPU is a pathway for more efficient production of multicore processors with hundreds of millions of transistors in the future.

By the way, this CPU has only floating point arithmetic function, Intel is not planning to put it in the market, but it concludes with a new processor design method, high bandwidth interconnection, energy management method As it is said that a useful suggestion was brought about, it is hoped for the appearance of a CPU for personal computers applying this technology.

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