NASA's latest supercomputer has 1024 CPUs and 4 TB memory

The other day, it seems that American Aerospace Authority (NASA) announced that SGI 's "SGI Altix Supercomputer" will be introduced as a new supercomputer.

This supercomputer seems to start operation in August, but it has 1024 dual core CPUs and 4 TB (4000 GB) memory etc, and OS is Linux. This is the largest system in the world as one system running on Linux.

Details are as follows.
NASA Selects SGI to Provide Largest Shared-Memory System in the World

According to this article, the supercomputer newly introduced by NASA will be installed at the NASA Advanced Supercomputing facility within the Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California.

And this supercomputer has 1024 Intel dual core CPU "Itanium 2" on the CPU and the processing speed seems to be 13.1 TFLOPs (teraflops). In addition to having 4 TB (4000 GB) of memory, 240 TB of storage called SGI's InfiniteStorage 10000 system has also been introduced to efficiently handle large-scale data storage requirements.

By the way, we say that the application extends to a wide range of fields such as safer, more advanced spacecraft design and investigation of long-term effects of climate change.

If such a system is available, it seems to be at a loss what way to use it.

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