"Nisshin Fudan GooTa Scallop Cloud Drink Noodles" New Release

New product from Nissin GooTa. It seems that wonton wrapped around hands such as loose scallops etc. is characterized. The next belt is blue.

It is released nationwide from February 26 (Monday). Tax not included 285 yen.

Details are as follows.
- A new wonton has been made! -
Non-fried bowl shaped cup noodle
"Nissin Kitapato GooTa Scallop Cloud Drink Noodle"
Information on new release

Noodles: Maruchinen of a supple texture finished with non-fried recipe. It features gentle waves and flitting teething on the surface.
soup: Soup of orthodox soy sauce flavored with flavor of Menma on chicken base, hidden in boiling and flavored. Chicken oil for accent, plus scent of onion or chilli.
Ingredient: 7 pieces of hand wrapped wonton which made bean paste (octopus etc.) with scallop and dried fish paste, fish paste, dried bamboo shoots and so on. The skin of wonton is slippery, mouthfeel and texture.

It looks like seafood this time, but GooTa really makes a variety of variations. Incidentally, last time the product "Nisshin Food GooTa Deng Tan Meng" was released, but at that time I could not find a difference with the existing one tanmen, it was an ordinary taste not worth writing. How is this time ...?

- The ingredients have become more delicious! -
Non-fried bowl shaped cup noodle
Briefly Blue Kitty "Nissin Kitty GooTa Unique Tanmen"
Information on new release

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