The second campaign to comment on Vector's software and receive up to 3000 yen

Previously written "Comment on Vector's software gives up to 3000 yen during campaignAlthough it is an article saying that it was too popular, it ended as of February 4 and it seems that it was supposed to continue as a different campaign newly from February 5 though it is an article.

Last time I commented on 5 software, it was 1000 yen, maximum 15 pieces was 3000 yen, but this time it is different. 1000 yen for each writing of four comments for the first time in software without comment, 3000 yen for the maximum of 12 pieces. In other words, it seems that you are going to search for hidden name software without evaluation and write comments. It may be easy as the number of books to write is decreasing.

Details are as follows.
Let's get WebMoney & amp; BitCash by comment first! - Vector comment rally

This time basically the same as last time,

· Comment with only one word
· Posting comments of almost the same content to multiple software
· Posting multiple comments from the same IP within a short time

It is not counted, and surplus comments are carried forward to the next month. It is said to be finished when a total of 10,000 comments are attached.

So that means that comments will be suddenly added to 10,000 software programs that have not been commented so far. It may be good to be a little helpful if you have comments from the downloading side as well. Because it seems that there are many cases that Amazon also decides to read reviews.

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