Intel's price revision, the latest CPU drops by about 40%

According to Intel's April 22 price revision of desktop CPU price revealed, the latest quad-core CPU "Core 2 Quad Q 6600" is currently $ 851 (about 104,000 yen ) To 530 dollars (about 65,000 yen), it is said that it will fall by 37.7% in fact.

By the way, it is the one that drops the most, it is said that it will fall by up to 40.3%. It will be much cheaper ....

Details are as follows.
HKEPC Hardware - IT News

According to this article, in addition to price revisions, it is decided from June 2007 that dual core CPUs "Pentium E" and "Celeron 400" will be released as well. By the way, it seems that the brand name "Pentium" was decided to be abolished once, but because popularity is still strong, it is said that it was to be used again.

The price revision schedule is as follows. "2007 Q1" is the price before the revision, "22-Apr" is the price after the revision on April 22nd.

The current price of "Core 2 Quad Q6600" in Japan is here.

Price .com - CPU Core 2 Quad product list

Quad core is a CPU with four core (nuclear). Since there are four, it means that you can process it faster.

Quad-core - a further step toward future computing

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