Netherlands legalizing file sharing, considering taxation on traffic

In the Netherlands, it is currently prohibited to apply DRM (Digital Rights Management Technology) to music CDs, etc. Instead of legalizing file sharing by P2P software, taxes obtained by taxing Internet traffic are reduced to content providers By doing so, it seems that we are considering filling in damage due to replication.

As expected it is the Netherlands with tremendous advancedness.

So, the background and details of how this happened in the background are as follows.
Holland Considers Banning DRM, Legalizing Filesharing | TorrentFreak

According to this article, the Dutch record company has decided to stop copying music CDs as costs are higher than profits, so politicians look for ways to compensate for damage suffered by the music industry It is said that it is.

Then, the members of the major parties of the Netherlands cited legalizing file sharing on the premise of taxation on traffic, and distributing the obtained taxes to record companies, for which reason record companies should He added that he should stop applying DRM.

In addition, some lawmakers of the ruling party also agreed with this proposal, adding that the idea that a method of taxing traffic would be effective if people can not charge for downloading music itself That's right.

In fact, however, not only music but also contents such as movies and software are being illegally downloaded, and whether those companies are properly compensating for losses, if you charge for traffic, like YouTube It is said that it is not realistic because there is a problem such as what happens to the site and the traffic generated by the download of free music, video, software etc.

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