Intel revised the price of Core 2 Quad to almost half price

Intel has revised the price of the CPU, but "Core 2 Quad Q6700" has been nearly half of it, from 530 dollars (about 54,000 yen) to 226 dollars (about 23,000 yen).

People who thought that it is about time to purchase "Core 2 Quad Q6700" seems better to wait until prices are reflected in Japanese stores.

The prices of other major CPUs revised are as follows.Intel Slashes Quad Core Prices By 50 Percent Code Retard

In addition to "Core 2 Quad Q6700", "Xeon X3230" is also reduced from 530 dollars to 226 dollars in the same way to nearly half price. In addition, "Core 2 Duo E8300 2.83 GHz" for the desktop is added for $ 163 (about 17,000 yen), "Celeron 570 2.66 GHz" 134 dollars (about 14,000 yen), etc. are added.

The current price of Core 2 Quad in Japan is below.

Price _com - CPU Core 2 Quad product list

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