Intel's CPU ``Core i9-13900T'' is a benchmark result that is up to 15% faster than the previous generation and consumes less than half the power

Intel released the 13th generation Intel Core processor '

Core i9-13900T ' on January 3, 2023. The overseas media Wccftech has published benchmark comparison results between such Core i9-13900T and the previous generation flagship CPU ' Core i9-12900K '.

Intel Core i9-13900T CPU Benchmarks Show Faster Than 12900K 125W Performance at 35W

Comparing the specifications of Core i9-13900T and Core i9-12900K, it looks like this. The Core i9-13900T has more cores and threads than the Core i9-12900K, and both the P core and E core have a significantly lower base frequency. Also, the maximum power consumption of the Core i9-12900K is 241W, but the maximum power consumption of the Core i9-13900T is 106W, which is less than half the power consumption of the Core i9-12900K.
Core i9-13900T
Core i9-12900K
Number of cores (P core/E core) 24 (8・16) 16 (8・8)
number of threads 32 twenty four
L3 cache 32MB 30MB
P core turbo frequency Up to 5.1GHz Up to 5.1GHz
E core turbo frequency Up to 3.9GHz Up to 3.9GHz
P core base frequency 1.1 GHz 3.2GHz
E core base frequency 800MHz 2.4GHz
Built-in GPU Intel UHD Graphics 770 Intel UHD Graphics 770
PCIe lane 20 20
Base power consumption 35W 125W
Max turbo power consumption 106W 241W
Suggested retail price $ 549 (about 70,000 yen) $ 589 (about 75,000 yen)

Wccftech installed these CPUs on the ASUS motherboard ' TUF GAMING B660M-PLUS D4 ' and performed benchmark tests in combination with 64GB of DDR5 memory.

The result of running Geekbench 5 is below. The Core i9-13900T scored 2,178 points in the single-threaded test and 17,339 points in the multi-threaded test. On the other hand, the Core i9-12900K recorded 1901 points in the single thread test and 17,272 points in the multi-thread test, and the Core i9-13900T has a maximum of 15% in single thread and multi-thread compared to Core i9-12900K slightly improved performance.

The figure below shows the scores of single thread tests of past models. The score difference between Core i9-13900T and Core i9-12900K is 277, but it can be confirmed that there are CPUs such as

AMD Ryzen 5 7600X and Intel i9-13900 in between.

The score of the multithreaded test looks like this. It can be confirmed that the scores of Core i9-13900T and Core i9-12900K are quite thin.

Wccftech says, ``It is very impressive that the Core i9-13900T, which consumes less than half the power compared to the Core i9-12900K, is faster.''

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