New Refill Cup Noodles

Nissin also gave out ridiculous items. "Cup noodle refill starter pack" in which original cup and refilling noodles are set and noodle "refill for cup noodles" for refilling and "cup noodle seafood noodle refill" will be on sale from Monday 26th March .

What does it mean to refill cup noodles ... ....

Details are as below.
- Eat fun, eco style - Nissin refill series
"Cup noodle refill (refill)" "cup noodle seafood noodle refill (refill)" "cup noodle refill starter pack"
Information on new release

The contents of the set of the starter pack contains two kinds of refilling noodles, "cup noodle refill" and "cup noodle seafood noodle refill" in plastic "My noodle cup", suggested retail price is 570 yen by tax. Each refilling noodle is 122 yen for each meal. As normal cup noodle is 155 yen, it is slightly cheaper. It seems that the contents are also a little less because it seems to compress the size of the noodles to about 80%.

How to make this is like this. It seems to eat it by putting contents in a reusable cup. Is it like chicken ramen?

It seems that it will be possible to change the design of the cup by the program provided from "" opened on March 26th (Monday), the selling day.

In addition, although it seems that this product will be limited sale in the Kanto region, it is said that mail order will also be done. We received orders from personal computers and mobile phones, and the products will be delivered by mail or some convenience stores.

It seems that mail order will be done throughout the country, so I'd like you to sell more local limited items with this condition.

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