Threefold Hotter! Nissin's "Char's Red Currey Noodle" surely pleases sharp Gundam Fans


Char Aznable, a deadly foe of Gundam rides customized mobilesuit threefold faster than normal ones and is nicknamed "Red Comet" due to his combat speed.

Commemorating his ace status(and also 30th anniversary of Gundam franchise), Nissin brought a special red-curry flavored instant ramen noodle three times hotter than others.

Read on for detail.

(JP)-2nd Collaboration with Gundam Franchise-
"Cup Noodle with Char's Glass mug with Red Curry Noodle"
"Cup Noodle with Char's Red Curry Noodle Refill"
Limited Release Announcement

According to the statement, Nissin is to release "Cup Noodle with Char's Glass mug with Red Curry Noodle" and its refill "Cup Noodle with Char's Red Curry Noodle Refill" from Oct. 26.

Comes in a gorgeous container.

The noodle refill. Priced 122 JPY each. (About $1.40 USD)

The set comes with a heatproof glass mug and a noodle refill. Price may vary by dealer.

Reminding his signature color, the soup is flavored with red chili pepper and black pepper and it's three times spicy than their existing curry flavored noodles. Cheddar cheese, diced mince and carrot are selected as ingredients to make soup's sharpness milder and more enjoyable.

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