GIGAZINE will move to the new server from Saturday 20th (Saturday) to Sunday 21st (Sunday)

GIGAZINE will be relocated to the new server from now as it has surpassed the limit of survival over server customization. After the new server relocation, if there is something wrong or the like, it is temporaryThis mail formPlease contact us if you can help.

So, for the settings of old server and new server etc. It is for those who are interested in server customization.
First of all, the old server uses "Dell PowerEdge 850", and it has the following specifications. A common configuration.

◆ Old GIGAZINE.NET server
CPU: Intel Pentium D 930
Memory: 2 GB
Network: 2 Mbps
OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 3

This will be "NEC Express5800 120GR-1c" with the following specifications. This is also a common configuration.

◆ New GIGAZINE.NET server
CPU: Xeon 2.8 GHz DUAL
HDD: 250 GB RAID 1
Memory: 2 GB
Network: 10 Mbps
OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 4

In the case of GIGAZINE, since the CPU becomes the biggest bottleneck, it is easier to manage it by increasing the number of CPUs rather than increasing the number of servers or virtualizing and integrating machine resources, so-called blade server approach Do

◆ Apache
It changed mainly from the default in Apache setting mainly as follows. Please note that lightening the load is the top priority, so it is not the fastest setting.

Timeout 60
KeepAlive On
MaxKeepAliveRequests 0
KeepAliveTimeout 1
HostnameLookups Off

All modules not used are commented out. This is required. Only to use modules. Otherwise it will consume extra memory.

Then do not use .htaccess, but concentrate all the settings in one httpd.conf. If you do not do this, the load will rise about 1.3 times.

Also, adjust the patrol timing of bad bots with robots.txt. This is quite important. Just by changing robots.txt the load dropped to half. Let's try not to get simultaneous attack of MSN, Google and Yahoo.

In addition, we use mod_mem_cache to reduce disk read / write and cache accessible files for favicons, robots.txt, logo images and RSS icon images with little modification. It is effective even if mod_disk_cache which can be known by benchmarking but cached as a file rather than memory. Mod_disk_cache is effective even if the target is a static file. However mem_cache is about 1.5 times to 2 times faster. Also, since reading / writing of the disc does not occur, the effect is tremendous in environments where large amounts of reading and writing occur.

Mod_mem_cache - Apache HTTP server

Performance improvement of Web site with Apache 2.2! (2/3) - @ IT

Clearly remove any comments to make the httpd.conf itself lighter.

Also, in order to execute PHP at high speed,EAcceleratorInstalled. Since there is RPM, let's install the one that suits your OS from the following site. Very easy.

DAG: php-eaccelerator RPM packages for Red Hat / Fedora

At this time, the setting file is "/etc/php.d/eaccelerator.ini". If there is room in memory, if you set all the values ​​of eaccelerator.keys, eaccelerator.sessions, eaccelerator.content to "shm_only", it will be cached only on memory and there will be no disk read / write so load Is significantly reduced.

For the setting of MySQL, see the article "GIGAZINE, complete transfer to new server" when moving to the new server. In other words, if you can see the article "GIGAZINE, complete transfer to the new server", that is the new server.

Then, the continuation is a new server. Let's meet again when DNS penetrates.

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