GIGAZINE has been transferred to the new server

So this is the new server. I hope this improves the weight as if insanely in the daytime on weekdays ... .... The next step is load distribution by multiple units.

That's why the various settings that improved the heavy situation somewhat are from the following.
TooSlow queryAs I thought that I could reduce this, I read the following page.

【MySQL Watch】 Review the 14th server setting and derive MySQL performance: ITpro

[ThinkIT] 4th: Load test using benchmark tool (2/3)

Setting the table cache (table_cache) and the thread cache (thread_cache) resulted in a dramatic reduction in the load. Slow queries that had been constantly occurring from 9 o'clock in the morning until 0 o'clock in the morning almost disappeared except around noon when access was concentrated. Cash is very useful if you use it well.

By the way, the server configuration is as follows.

◆ Old GIGAZINE.NET server "NEC Express5800 120GR - 1c (PDF file) × 1 unit
CPU: Xeon 2.8 GHz DUAL
HDD: 250 GB RAID 1
Memory: 2 GB (increased to 4 GB later)
Network: 10 Mbps
OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 4

◆ New GIGAZINE.NET server "IBM System x 3250× 2 units
CPU: QuadCore Xeon X3210 2.13 GHz
HDD: 250 GB RAID 1
Memory: 4 GB
Network: 10 Mbps
OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 4

Well, last time it kept running for the nine months from January to September, how long can you hold this server ... ....?

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