Funny movies of penguins

I tried collecting funny movies that weave with penguins, Mobo Moko's lovely birds. It seems that about one-third of the world's kept penguins are in Japan, but I also understand the desire to keep myself thinking that it moves.

The movie is from the following.
The penguins moving in rows will hang their legs one after another and will fall.
Penguins In A Line Video

A penguin that fails to jump and falls into the sea. The behavior of the penguins who were watching it is quite bad.
Penguin Fails Jump Video

Very aggressive penguins.
YouTube - Planet Earth Penguins

Penguin asked for shopping.
YouTube - Shopping Penguin

A documentary film that depicts the one-year life of the Koutei penguin made in France in 2005 "Emperor PenguinI misunderstood the explanation, imagining the appearance that the emperor just became the emperor.
YouTube - March of the Penguins

A penguin with a high tension like Friday afternoon and polar bear who does not motivate like Monday morning.
YouTube - friday vs monday

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