Leopard, accidentally falling into a well, rescued by a veterinarian

Because it is difficult to settle downHunter is cited as an awe-inspiring animalA panther. However, it seems that a rescuing play has been seen in India as it seems that the grown-up adult's female has fallen into a well on a hungry.

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Hungry leopard gets into a spot of bother after falling into a well | Mail Online

March 28, 2009 gallery - Assam state Zoo veterinarian Bijoy Gogoi

The leopard fell was well in Sonaigali village of Guwahati. In the morning, the villagers who went to the well to crowd water seemed surprised to find large beasts in them.

Dry leopard at the bottom of the well.

He seems to have been irritated losing his visit.

Then the forest guard arrived at the well after being notified to the local police. After the ranger calmed the panther with anesthesia, it was lifted from the well by a veterinarian.

Leopard to be lifted from a well.

Bijoy Gogoi, a veterinarian rescuing leopard.

A movie showing the state of rescue.
LiveLeak.com - Female Leopard Rescued From Well.

After this, the leopard was taken to the Guwahati zoo. It is the second time that the leopard is rescued in this area this month.

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