A woman is hit by a horny polar bear's squirrel

It seems that an accident happened when a woman enters the residence of a polar bear who got hungry at a zoo, and it was hit by multiple polar bears. It is not clear what the woman intended to approach the polar bear but it is clear that it is extremely dangerous to approach a beast although it is raised.

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Pictured: Shocking moment polar bear attacks woman who climbed into zoo enclosure | Mail Online

The accident happened this time is the German Berlin Zoo. When a woman (32 years old) got over the fence and approached the polar bears at the time of the polar bear's bait, the polar bears who were hungry attacked the women. After that, it seems that they were attacked by four polar bears inside.

A woman who overcomes a fence and swims towards a polar bear.

The moment of being attacked by a polar bear.

After being attacked, the cardigan worn by the woman became a polar bear's toy.

Then rescued by six staff. The woman was bitten by some arms and legs and was taken to a hospital by ambulance. She seems to have recovered steadily receiving surgery.

The following movie filmed where women are rescued. Because age restriction is applied, attention is necessary for viewing.
YouTube - Polar Bear Attacks Woman At Berlin Zoo

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