UFOs, meteorite groups or space debris, thousands of miles across Denver

On U.S. time on January 4, 2007, a tremendous number of UFOs, meteorite groups or space debris appeared massively in the dark sky night sky, it seems that it was being annoyed as it was reported. Certainly it is a level that exceeds that kind of shooting stars or fragments of satellites that cross the night sky. It's pretty beautiful, I guess I'd like to actually see this.

So, below is a picture of a lot of glittering lights crossing the sky without knowing something quite well.
Video of Space Debris(It will start when you press play button)

YouTube - Meteor over Denver(Same as above)

A movie containing all the details of this appearance is also released.

Kutv.com - Lights Show Streaks Across Morning Sky

YouTube - Denver Space Debris

So what actually was this, according to the official announcement of NORAD, it seems that the Russian rocket called S - L - 4 occurred when the atmosphere reentered .... Wow ....

·bonus:Unidentified flying object

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