Movie to destroy basketball goal in dunk

The basketball goal that has not been destroyed much now because it is improved many times. It is a tremendous movie of the players who gave the opportunity to strengthen such a goal.

The movie is from the following.
The goal is breaking pockily.
YouTube - Shaq Pulls the Rim Down

The backboard shattered.
YouTube - breaking the back board

Dunk to strip off the goal.
YouTube - Shaq Dunks and Breaks the Glass (in a one on one)

A great dunk ten selection during the game. There is a scene destroying the goal in 9th place.
YouTube - Top 10 In Game Dunks

A gorgeous slum dunk collection.
YouTube - World's Greatest Slam Dunks

Dunk collection of Shaquille O'Neill who has destroyed the goal many times.
YouTube - Shaq College Mix

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