Game "GATEWAY" leading robot to gate

"GATEWAY" is a game that leads the robot to the gate at the end of the map. It contains puzzle-like elements, and it's quite easy to play. Please come to kill time.

Access is from the following.
VivaLaGames.Com - Gateway

The robot walks to the mark of the shoe. You can not move if there are obstacles on the way. At the beginning, hints etc. are displayed each time you cross the line of orange.

You can have it by clicking on the falling item.

When using it I drag it and put it.

Items can be stacked on top of each other.

When stepping on the color changes. In order to open the gate ...?

Number lock. Let's find the answer with a central telescope.

The stairs will appear according to the weight of the ball and the box you put.

I want to plug the power cord of the TV into an outlet, but it is not long enough. A driver is on the TV ...

The floor changes color again when you step again. Every time I step on the bulb above is ticking.

Game sequel "GATEWAY 2" has also been released.

A sequel to the game "GATEWAY" to solve puzzles and guide robots - GIGAZINE

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