A movie that recorded embarrassing moments when a female fashion model crashes

There are many people who have seen watching the style of a good female fashion model walking cool on a fashion show etc such as a fashion show, but since they are also human beings, sometimes they fail and break the balance, It is sometimes falling asleep as it is involved in unexpected situations.

It is a collection of movies that captured only those moments.

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The 10 Funniest Runway Model Wipeouts Of All Time | Content

First of all, it is a super model from Estonia,Tiu Qiuke.

YouTube - Tiiu Kuik falling on the runway

Next is a bikini model tumbling at the show in Las Vegas.

YouTube - Bikini Model Wipeout

Perhaps the most famous case as a fallen tournament at a fashion showNaomi Campbellin the case of.

YouTube - Naomi Campbell falling on the runway in Paris

Next is a super model from CanadaJessica Stam.

YouTube - Jessica Stam Falling (Full Version)

Next is the one at Shadang Fashion Show. It falls into the hole.

YouTube - Model falls in hole on runway at Shadang Fashion Show

He is also a model and an actressCarmen ElectrahIt is also on the verge of magnificence.

YouTube - Carmen Electra Falls on Runway

This is not a fall but a "falling" case.

YouTube - Hilarious Runway Fall at Charleston Fashion Week

The end is quite impressive.

YouTube - Runway model falls

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